Yog Sothoth

It is not surprising that there have been so many bands named after conceivable subjects. H.P. Lovecraft was said to be the most hateful of the evil demons guarding hell’s gates. It’s no surprise that nobody has heard of Yog Sothoth. They made decent music in the 1980s, with an interesting musical lineup that featured trombone, violin, and saxophone. The rhythm section was also included. Another group from France used the same name and played a variety of Arabic music. This record was created by an earlier group, which is modern jazz. They were influenced by progressive rock and fusion from French bands like Gong. However, the Lovecraft vibe is deep as if the Beatles wrote songs about insects. The extended compositions “Nekrosis” or “Fou: L’Art Noir”, require no French knowledge to understand what’s happening. This is heavy stuff, at least the way that Lovecraft wants it to be. Although none of the participants in this project had a significant impact on the French scene, or any other scene, the results of their work are well worth listening to. Cathy Camilleri’s vocal singing may not be for everyone. Lovecraft fans may compare the album to Erich Zann’s music, as described in one of the most disturbing and disturbing tales of demon possession involving musicians. Allmusic

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