Yuval Cohen

1973 was the year that she was born. Graduated from the Telma Yellin high school for the arts. From 1991-1994, lead alto, soloist and arranger of the Israeli Army Orchestra orchestra. Recipient of the America Israel cultural foundation scholarships for exceptional achievements In 1997, graduated from the Berklee college for Music, Summa Cum Laude. Recipient of the College award, and the Woodwind department award for outstanding accomplishments. Joe Viola, George Garzone and Bill Pierce were my teachers. In 1990, performed the Glazonov concerto on Alto saxophone, with Thelma Yellin’s symphonic orchestra. He was also the conductor and musical manager for the “Thelma Yellin”, an alumni Big Band. With his brother Anat Cohen and sister Avishai Cohen, he is a member of “The 3 Cohens”, a family sensation. Hamamura Cohen is his international duo. He also leads his own quartet that plays original music. Performs in the USA, Europe, Japan and Israel (Red Sea Jazz Festivals, Caesaria International Jazz Festivals, Tel Aviv Jazz Festivals). Jazz improvisation techniques are taught at “Thelma Yellin” and the Tel Aviv conservatory. Yuval is also an attorney. Allaboutjazz

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