Z-country Paradise

Z-Country Paradise’s music projects go beyond jazz. This generation of European musicians is influenced as much by the innovative compositional and improvisational skills of Stockhausen and Cage, Boulez and Ligeti. Frank Gratkowski describes this as his ‘dreamband’ – a collection of dreams that are interspersed with nightmares and visions. Z-Country Paradise: Who are these people? Frank Gratkowski – The man behind all the madness. His preferred instruments are clarinet and sax, which he has honed through the music of Steve Lacy, Anthony Braxton, Evan Parker and Anthony Braxton. He is now cutting his way through Europe’s New Music scene. Jelena Kuljic from Serbia, an actress-singer-actress extraordinaire, took part in the pathos at Wozzeck, and Lulu. Jelena selected the poems because of their dark hallucinatory beauty and subtle foreboding. Kalle Kalima, Finnish guitarist – intrigues and friendships with Marc Ducret, Tomasz Stanko and Linda Sharrock – the ideal accomplice. Oliver Potratz, the bassist, is already a partner in Kalle Kalima’s band Klima Kalima. He was awarded the New German Jazz Award. You can play in or out of any situation. Christian Marien, drummer, has roots in rock and now he explores the depths of Berlin’s thriving improvisational scene. This keeps the band’s foundation solid. Bandcamp

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