Zazerac, a Memphis-based trio of instrumental musicians, plays a mix of RnB and classic soul jazz. They also play electronic flavored nu jam and fusion. John Sanders-keyboards; Jerome Ramson – bass; and Chris “Earl” Rivers -drums. The roots of Zazerac can be traced back to San Francisco, where Sanders was a leader in an acid jazz group called The Memphis Mystics. During the heydays of acid jazz, the Mystics were a regular at many popular clubs in the SF/Oakland Bay Area. The Mystics also included Nate Vinson, Dain Dizazzo, bass, David Lapp, Parry Wolfe, Rod Connor, and many others. Fast forward to 2004 and Sanders returns to Memphis, Tennessee, where he starts Zazerac. He uses much of the same setlist as the Mystics. The Zizrac 2007 performance at the Memphis Cooper Young Festival featured Troy Issom on guitar and Aaron Northern-drums. This group eventually disbanded. Sanders recruited Tony Gonzalez to play e-drums, and Jerome Ramson to play bass. Chris “Earl”, Rivers, took over the drum chair after Gonzalez moved to Philadelphia. Zazerac continues performing at Memphis clubs, festivals, and restaurants.

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