Zeitgeist Chamber Orchestra / Ensemble

Zeitgeist Chamber Orchestra is a group composed of young talented musicians who can seamlessly move between musical styles and musical eras. They have a passion for combining familiar and new repertoire for 10-20 instrumentalists. Michael Chance CBE praised them for their ‘virtuosity, thoughtfulness and Baroque playing’. When ZCO premiered James Burton’s Convergence Of The Twain orchestration, the composer stated that ‘they make beautiful sounds and the performance was thrilling. Recent performances included Bach’s St John Passion at Ely Cathedral to raise money for Oxfam Syria Crisis Appeal. Arnold Schoenberg’s rare masterpiece Chamber Symphony no.1 was also performed at several venues in London and the south. ZCO collaborated with the David Hill, the Exon Singers and the Exon Singers on their 50th Anniversary Festival. ZCO’s repertoire is constantly expanding with new arrangements by Miles Davis, William Byrd and Oasis. ZCO musicians can be seen performing with the Philharmonia and London Symphony Orchestra, Gustav Mahler World Youth Orchestras, European Youth Orchestras, European Youth Orchestras, European Youth Jazz Orchestras, European Youth Orchestras, European Youth Orchestras, and National Youth Jazz Orchestras, as well as the Southbank Sinfonia, and other chamber groups. from www.zeitgeistchamberorchestra.co.uk

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