Zhenya Strigalev

Zhenya Strigalev, a young virtuoso with fire, grace and an edgy attitude, is a rising star in international jazz. Strigalev has created a dynamic bridge between the New York and London jazz scene in the five years since he graduated from London’s Royal Academy of Music. He has performed at some of the most prestigious jazz festivals around the globe, including performances in Russia, Finland and the Czech Republic, Austria and Poland. Zhenya Strigalev, who has four solo albums to his credit, is on track to achieve a new level in artistic maturity with his new solo album, ‘Smiling Organizm. London is making waves The music of Zhenya Strigalev, a St Petersburg-born alto jazzophonist, reflects that same fiery creativity. Zhenya moved to London in 2007 to study at The Royal Academy of Music. She graduated in 2007. Zhenya has also benefited from London’s cultural melting pot and the many opportunities to connect with top-level musicians. He is now a prominent figure in London’s eclectic jazz scene. You’re just as likely to hear swing music as free, funk-based or bebop jazz. It’s his musical foundation, love for hard firing musicians like Sonny Rollins and Charlie Parker, and energetic solo style that have made him such an eminent musician. His playing is also experimental, allowing him to seamlessly switch between free improvisation and hard-bop. All of this with razor-sharp timing and fluid technique. His passionate approach is driven by strong melodies, canny rhythmic explorations, as evidenced in his many collaborations with top London-based jazz musicians like Gene Calderazzo and Seb Rochford, John Parricelli. He’s been a regular performer at major London venues such as the 606 Club and Pizza Express on Dean Street, Pizza on the Park, Vortex and Purcell Room, the Royal Festival Hall Foyer and Queen Elizabeth Hall, Ronnie Scott’s, Kings Place, and others. Strigalev is also a key figure in an international group of musicians from Europe, America. However, his decision to make London his home is a clear indication of the high regard that the British jazz scene has. These exchanges have been encouraged by his collaboration with Patsy Craig, t Wo’s music director at Charlie Wright’s in North London. They helped to put the club on the music map by bringing in such high-profile artists as Victor Bailey and Ari Hoenig, Rebecca Martins, Matthew Garrisons, Robert Glaspers, Scott Kinseys, Kurt Rosenwinkle, Scott Kinseys, Scott Kinsey, Jeremy Pelt, Scott Kinsey and Mark Turners to perform at the club. These events often featured Strigalev as a guest. This inspired many fiery musical exchanges. These concerts were the catalyst for Zhenya’s most exciting meeting between Chris ‘Daddy’ Dave, a hip-hop jazz drummer, and Foley, a former Miles Davis bassist. Their wildly funky improvisations have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on the Internet. Through all these collaborations and late-night hangs, Zhenya has made lasting musical friendships and formed long-lasting relationships with some of the most important players in contemporary jazz. Early life: A journey into jazz, not Siberia. Zhenya was an exceptionally driven individual but his early path to music did not lead him to a career in the industry. His father was a professor of physics and his mother was a chemist. It was through his love of music that Zhenya first discovered jazz. He introduced me to jazz, and shaped my tastes and preferences for jazz. He loved the recordings of Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, as well as those by the Dave Brubeck Quartet and Bill Evans. “It was my mother who encouraged me to pursue musical aspirations,” he said. He started piano lessons at age eight. But his piano teacher died four years later. He began to consider playing the sax. He was fifteen when his grandfather bought him a used saxophone. When the reed broke, he stopped practicing. After contacting the former owner of the instrument and telling him that he hadn’t touched it in three months, he insisted that he return it if he was not serious about playing. He was jolted back to his senses and, with a new replacement reed in hand, he started practicing three hours per day and soon found himself at the St Petersburg music academy. His ability to play the sax saved him from the harsh conditions of Siberia’s military service. He worked hard to improve his technique, went to jam sessions every night, and performed in the army band during daytime. Zhenya was 17 when he won the “Best Saxophonist” award at a St. Petersburg jazz competition. He soon started performing at leading European, Russian and UK festivals and began touring internationally. In recognition of his exceptional musical talent, he was awarded a full scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music in London shortly after completing his military service. He also studied with some of the most prominent jazz musicians, including Lee Konitz and Bob Martin, Peter King, Bob Martins, Dave Holland, Mark Turner, Jean Toussaint, Gerard Presencer, Gerard Presencer, Bob Martin, Dave Holland, Mark Turner, Jeff ‘Tain” Watts, Mark Turner, Mark Turner, Jean Toussaint, Gerard Presencer, and Bob Martin. Strigalev arrived in London with little money and his saxophone. This is testament to his talent, perseverance, creativity and hard work. New York – New album Zhenya traveled to New York in late 2010, to enjoy the buzzing jazz scene. He was surrounded by some of the best jazz musicians in the world and he played, listened to, watched, and created music that reflected his unique, imaginative style. This album was a new project. Recorded June 2011, the album features an outstanding group of US, UK, and Russian musicians, including bassist Larry Grenadier, (Brad Mehldau and FLY), drummer Eric Harland, (Charles Lloyd, Dave Holland’s Overtone Quartet and Joshua Redman), and electric bassist Tim Lefebvre, (Rudder, Wayne Krantz), brilliant British pianist Liam Noble (Tom Rainey and Christine Tobin, Ingrid Laubrock), and Zhenya’s, Vitalyov, Vitalyov, Vitalyov, Vitalyov. The latest album ‘Smiling Organizm’ by Strigalev will be released on Michael Janisch, the label boss. It features all of his talents as a composer, soloist, and bandleader. The album is melodically accessible and inspired by NYC’s rock-edged Downtown scene. It also seamlessly straddles swing, free improv and darting post-bop excursions without losing its core compositional focus. This album is a perfect blend of jazz and contemporary music, played by some of the most talented and creative musicians in the scene. This joyful music is full of life. from www.whirlwindrecordings.com

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