Zig Zag

Pieces Manquantes 1976, a studio album by the French band Zig Zag, is yet to be released. Jean-Luc Chevalier is the music composer. He soon became a member Magma, his Zeuhl name being Gorgo. Although there is a Magma influence, and McLaughlin perhaps, this isn’t yet another copycat. This band spoke with its own voice. Jean-Luc Chevalier : Guitar, compositions. Claude Le Peron : Bass Nicolas Carver : Saxophones, clarinet. Nobby Clarke: Saxophones and flute. Jean “Popoff”, Chevalier: Saxophones, clarinets, percussions. Philippe Grandvoinet : Piano. Michelle Sarna : Vocals. Alain “Antoine” Chagnon : Drums, percussions from http://progressreview.blogspot.com

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