Zimbo Trio

The Zimbo Trio is an instrumental trio from Brazil, formed in March 1964, Sao Paulo by Luizchaves Oliveira Da Paz “Luiz Khaves (bass), Rubens Alberto Barsotti Rubens” Rubens and Amilton Gooy (piano). On March 17, the first presentation was held at “Boate Oasis”, featuring the singer Norma Bengell. Baden Powell and Vinicius De Moraes performed “Consolacao”, one of their songs. 1965 saw the Zimbo Trio become the fixed band for the TV Show “O Fino da Bossa”, TV Record. It was presented by Elis Regina, Jair Rodrigues, and featured the Zimbo Trio. The Zimbo Trio attended Teatro Joao Caetano’s 1968 anthological concert, which included Elizeth Cardoso and Jacob do Bandolim. Luiz Chaves (bassist), who was a founding member of the Zimbo Trio, died in 2007. Itamar Collaco, an electric bass player, was responsible for carrying on the legacy of Luiz. In 2010 Mario Andreotti replaced Itamar. The Zimbo Trio currently features Amilton Godoy (piano), Mario Andreotti(bass) and Percio sapia (drums). Percio Sapia shares the stage with Rubens Barsotti who is still recovering from surgery. The trio now has a repertoire of Amilton’s compositions. The Zimbo Trio has had a 45-year career with 51 albums. They have also toured the globe, spreading Brazilian instrumental music. Wikipedia

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