Zodiak Trio

John-Dennis Renken, trumpet, electronics and composition Andreas Wahl, guitars, electronics Bernd Oezsevim, drums. Every note is gold. Is there any jazz record that could make such a claim for you? Is Zodiak Trio’s second album jazz? It would be easy to conclude that Zodiak Trio’s second album is jazz based on the lineup of guitar, drums, and trumpet. However, if you get really immersed in the band’s rough sound architecture, there will be just as much jazz-like music as jazz-alien. This band is capable of improvisation with not only notes and themes but also sounds and densities and states of matter, from solid to liquid to gas to gold. They use shortcuts to get to the bottom of the matter, which is quite unusual. You don’t need to travel the old, bumpy jazz-rock roads to go from jazz to rock. The Zodiak Trio strikes the perfect note for a new decade that is still searching for its sound identity. from http://www.traumton.de

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