Zony Mash

Zony Mash was the unofficial house band of the OK Hotel in Seattle in 1995. The guys practiced their skills with weeks of gigs every week. Zony Mash is influenced by a variety of styles, including sixties-style, psychedelic rock, blues, and sounds that can only be described as coming from outer space. This all was combined into something entirely new. Zony Mash, despite being named after a song by The Meters was not a tribute band to The Meters. Zony Mash was heavily inspired by the past but never fell prey to nostalgia. Instead, imagine a unique, unpredicted take on Fillmore-era music and a bandleader determined to push his music in new directions. Zony Mash’s distinctive harmonic sense and songwriting are what really set it apart. Zony Mash performed at the most prestigious jazz festivals worldwide. They performed at Montreux Summer Jazz Days, Vancouver, Pori, North Sea Festivals, and Warsaw Summer Jazz Days. They mostly played clubs on the West Coast and Seattle, wo they won over a large twenty-something crowd. CMJ, a college magazine, and Downbeat, a mainstream magazine, give their CDs critical acclaim. They even included a horn section in a number of shows that showcased their eclecticism. Bill Frisell and Michael Shreve, an ex-Santana drummer, occasionally sat in. Zony Mash was founded with Wayne Horvitz playing Hammond B-3 keyboards and keyboards, Timothy Young playing guitar, Fred Chalenor bass, and Andy Roth drumming. In 1998, Fred was replaced by Keith Lowe as bassist. Zony Mash performed on numerous tours along the West Coast, three US tours, and also performed in Europe and Iceland. There are five Zony Mash CDs available: Cold Spell (1997) and Brand Spankin’ New (1998). Upper Egypt (2000) is also available on Knitting Factory Records. In 2002, Live In Seattle was the first CD to be released. Kufala Records recorded the final two shows and released them as Farewell Shows (2004). … Zony Mash’s horn section was added in 2000. This changed the direction of the music. Zony Mash With Horns: Wayne Horvitz and Hammond B-3 and Timothy Young, Guitar Briggan Kruuss and Alto Sax Skerik. Tenor and Baritone Sax Dave Carter, Trombone Keith Lowe and Bass Andy Roth. Drums from www.zonymash.com

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