Zu hail from Ostia near Rome and are an unusual trio that includes drums, electric bass guitar, baritone, saxophone, electronics, and electronica. They were formed in Rome in 1997 as performers and composers for theatre performances. The group is made up of Luca Mai, Massimo Puppillo, Gabe Serbian and Massimo Pupillo who play baritone saxophone. Zu has released 14 albums, including two live albums and two splits. They have also played at festivals across Europe, America and Asia. The band toured 2006 with the Fantomas Melvins Big Band. This superband is a fusion between the Melvins and Fantomas. Except for Serbian, the band is members of the Italian folk-jazz ensemble Ardecore. It is difficult to describe Zu’s style, but it could be described as a mix of heavy metal, math rock and noise rock. However, this does not mean that it doesn’t respect genre boundaries. Music is instrumental and features powerful bass, virtuosic drumming and distorted saxophone. Collaboration is a constant in Zu’s music. Many of their albums feature collaborations with guest musicians (such as Buzz Osbourne and Mats Gustafsson, Mike Patton and Nobukazu Takemura). Sometimes, they will have a collaborator join them for live performances. The band members also collaborate with other musical projects. Most of these are only live performances. From Wikipedia

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