Zaza Korinteli is a composer and musician, best known as his stage name Zumba (born December 29, 1972). His music blends a variety rhythmic styles from World Music, Jazz, Fusion and folk-rock with instrumental Improvisations. Being a multi-instrumentalist on guitar, bass, wind instruments, percussions, and vocals, he leads the band ZumbaLand and also collaborates within several other musical projects. His stage name is an acronym for a Georgian phrase zogjer ubralod mondome, bolos agisruldeba. This means “Just wish sometimes – it’ll eventually come true.” ZaZa Korinteli, Zumba, formed the band “ZumbaLand” in 1993. The band went on a Mediterranean tour in 1994. The group won two important Festivals in Tbilisi, “Hands” u0026 “Margarita”, in 1996. in 1997 Zaza Korinteli relocated to Krakow, Poland and assembled a new Georgian-Polish-Ukrainian-American group. He was a performer at many festivals and ceremonies throughout Poland. Zaza Korinteli, a Polish musician, left Poland in 2000 to establish himself in Georgia. He still lives and works there. He formed a new Georgian band, “ZumbaLand”. 2002 saw Zumba perform at the festival “Peace in the Caucasus”, in Moscow. In 2003, Zumba performed with Alfred “Pee Wee” Ellis at the Tbilisi International Jazz Festival. In 2004, Zumbaland was invited by the Transcaucasus festival in Warsaw, Poland. Zumba participated in the International jazz Festival “Jazz in the Old City”, Moscow and St Petersburg in October 2005. There he performed with the jazz musician Richard Bona. ZumbaLand was one of the most popular bands at the 2005 festival “Live Sound of Borjomi”, in Kiev, Ukraine. The band released “Adila”, a new album, and performed at the Moscow festival “Usadba Jazz”. In 2007, Zumba performed in a solo concert at Richard Bona’s Tbilisi. Zaza Korinteli’s song “Hello, Abkhazia” won the 2007 national competition “Patrinote”. In 2010, he performed at many festivals in Georgia Batumi- “Black Sea Jazz Festival”. Svaneti- “World music festival”. Tbilisi-Festival “Art-Gene”. Baltic tour 2010-2011: Tallinn-music festival “world days”, Festival ‘Old towns days”. Riga-solo concert at the concert hall “Ave sol”. Vilnius: Acoustic concert at Kotrinos Cathedral Hall. Festival Skamba Skamba Kankliai Solo concert at New York club International City Festival Sostines Dienos Capital Days. Solo concert at Loftas club. Klaipeda-solo performance at Theatre Square. Vilkija-solo concert in Cultural Centre. Palanga-solo concert at music club “Vandenis”. ZumbaLand recorded the new album “MultiTest”, in Vilnius/Lithuania, in 2011. Soundtracks for films: “Travelling In Folklore”; and “Adila” (“The long wait”) (dir. G. Diasamidze, “Everything will go well”, “Isfahan–Batumi” (Dir. A. Varsimasvili Theater music: “New Year’s Tale”(Poland), “People from Yesterday” (Georgia/Liberty Theatre). Discography: Multi Test (Lithuania 2011,). “AstroGeorgia” (2010). “Adila” (2006). “Mgzavruli” (2005). “Jolo”/”Raspberry” (2004) “EuroRemont” (2001). “Project Unioin” (Poland ,2000). “I’m waiting to see the sun rise” (1995). from www.zazakorinteli.com

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