Zzebra was born from the ashes and collaboration of ex-members of OSIBISA and British brass-rock band IF. After their fourth album, Dave Quincy (main songwriter and guitarist) and Terry Smith (guitarist) had both left If and met Loghty Amaio. ZZebra was to include many African elements. The line-up also included Scott John McCoy (bass) and Liam Geniocky (drummer from Ireland). Gus Yeadon, the keyboardist and wind-player (and also the songwriter), left during the recording of the first album. Tommy Eyre (ex-Ainsley Duncanbar and Mark-Almond), was brought in to complete the line-up and keep it a sextet. They created a unique brand of brass-rock music that could be compared to MANDRILL and CYMANDE, OSIBISA, DEMON FUZZ, or even WAR (with Eric Burdon). Later that year, they recorded Panic. However, by then, they had become a septet when they hired Alan Marshall as vocalist. Steve Byrd was hired to complete the line-up after Terry Smith, the guitarist, left during the Panic (album’s title) recording sessions. While the band continued touring the UK and the US, they never released their third album. The Disconforme label eventually reissued the two historic albums.

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