Dom Minasi

Dom Minasi, the guitarist, was born in New York City on March 6, 1943. This is the same date as Wes Montgomery. He was a self-taught natural musician who played a lot of jazz combo gigs, rock & roll, church dances and other musical instruments in his youth. Minasi was a teacher and took many … Read more

Eli Mine

After completing basic musical education and highschool, he went on to study jazz piano at the Universitat fur Musik und darstellende Krz – Austria. Eli has extensive experience performing as both a live and studio musician in many bands of different musical styles. He has many years’ experience as a professional pianist at weddings, cocktail … Read more

Kosuke Mine

Feng Hou Jie, Mine Kosuke: Japanese jazz and jazz-fusion pianist. Born in Tokyo on February 6, 1944. His debut album as a leader was released in 1970 by Three Blind Mice, a Japanese jazz label. (also TBM’s first release). To become a professional musician with the Blue Seven in 1962, he left his clarinet class … Read more

Pete Minger

Pete Minger was born George Allen Minger on January 22, 1943 in Orangeburg (South Carolina) and died April 13, 2000 in Pompano Beach. He was a bebop-based, trumpeter. He was flugelhorn player as well. His grandmother and mother were both musicians. His brother is also an accomplished jazz pianist. Although he started out on the … Read more