John Minnock

John Minnock is a new-breed singer who fuses diversity with modern interpretations into his shows. He was first popular in Boston and is now a regular in New York City’s jazz and cabaret scene. The Hot House Jazz 2016 Fans’ Decision Metropolitan Room Award was presented to him. John just released “Right Around the Corner”, … Read more


Mimika Mak Murtic Ensemble, a London-based Concept Avant Gard ensemble of 8-20 members, is located in London. This ensemble is known for its cinematic music, young jazz musicians, and brass orchestrations. Mak Murtic, a Croatian composer and saxophonist, founded Mimika in 2010. The band started out as a nine-piece Balkan-influenced jazz band with clarinets and … Read more

Livio Minafra

Graduate in Classical Piano, Orchestration For Banda, and Jazz at Piccinni Conservatory, Bari, Italy. Livio was awarded the “Top Jazz” prize for Italy in 2005, 2008, and 2011. He performs solo or with his quartet. He has also performed with many notable groups such as the MinAfric Orchestra and Municipale Balcanica. Louis Moholo and Keith … Read more

Guy Mintus

Guy Mintus, a pianist, composer, and educator from Israel, is based in New York. Guy Mintus is deeply rooted in Jazz and classical music, but he also enjoys studying the mediterranean musical traditions. He often travels to study and perform with the masters. He combines this knowledge to create a genuine and organic synthesis of … Read more

Pino Minafra

The Italian Instabile Orchestra’s instigator was born in Ruvo in 1951. Ruvo is a small Apulia town where he still lives, and where he teaches. Pino Minafra was a singer in his church choir, before he took up the trumpet in his local brass band. After a stint in a classical band, he began his … Read more

Billy Mintz

Born in Queens, New York, Billy Mintz is a musician and singer. He was already playing in show bands at Catskill Mountain resorts when he was 15. This helped him to develop his musicianship. He recorded and played with the Lee Konitz Nevert (1978), Kundalini, Perry Robinson, Badal Roy, the Eddie Daniels Quartet and Gloria … Read more

Hiroshi Minami

Look under The Modern Trio for albums by The Modern Trio. Hiroshi Minami (Tokyo 1960) is a Japanese jazz composer and pianist who graduated from Tokyo College of Music’s 1986 program. He records for East Works Entertainment.

Dom Minasi

Dom Minasi, the guitarist, was born in New York City on March 6, 1943. This is the same date as Wes Montgomery. He was a self-taught natural musician who played a lot of jazz combo gigs, rock & roll, church dances and other musical instruments in his youth. Minasi was a teacher and took many … Read more