Rahsaan Roland Kirk

Rahsaan Roland (from 1936 to 1977) was an American blind jazz saxophonist. He is perhaps most famous for his ability of playing more than one instrument at once. Kirk was born Ronald Kirk in Columbus, Ohio on 7 August 1936. However, he felt compelled to create Roland by transposing two letters from his first name. … Read more

Ed Kirkeby

Ed Kirkeby, (10 October 1891 – 12 June 1978), was a bandleader, singer, manager, and salesman. He is most well-known as Fats Waller’s manager. He was the first to record jazz at Columbia Records and organized the California Ramblers. He recorded extensively in the 1920s and 1930s using many pseudonyms to record, including The Little … Read more

Kari Kirkland

Kari, a Canadian-born daughter of working musicians from the US and Kari, was raised in Canada. She travelled across North America driving her parents’ cars. Through the 2000’s, she was a member of various jazz, rock, cabaret and pop groups in Canada. She then moved to Europe in 2003, where she spent four years recording, … Read more

Wendy Kirkland

Wendy began her musical journey at the age of 8 when she took piano lessons. She was awarded a scholarship by Derbyshire Music to pay for all of her lessons. She also continued to study ABRSM piano. Wendy switched to jazz as an adult and became a pianist in dance classes, as well as an … Read more

Kenny Kirkland

Kenneth David Kirkland was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1955. He was just six years old when he first began to play the piano. Kirkland attended Catholic school for many years before enrolling at Manhattan School of Music to study classical piano performance, theory, and composition. His first professional gig was with Polish fusion … Read more

Scott Kirby

Scott Kirby, a native Ohioan, began studying music when he was six years old. He continued piano instruction for seventeen more years. Robert Howat of Wittenberg University of Ohio and Sylvia Zaremba of Ohio State University were his teachers. Kirby, who received an English degree at Ohio State University, moved to New Orleans where he … Read more

Basil Kirchin

Basil Kirchin was an English composer and drummer. He lived from 8 August 1927 to 18 June 2005. His career included playing drums with his father’s big band when he was 13, scoring films, and electronic music that uses tape manipulation to create sounds for birds, animals and autistic kids. Basil Philip Kirchinsky was born … Read more

Lauren Kinhan

Lauren Kinhan, a vocalist and composer, has been creating genre-mixing music for many years. This is evident on her CDs Avalon (E One 2010, Hardly Blinking 2000) and her contributions to New York Voices recordings. Her musical ideas break down the boundaries of jazz, pop, and everything else. Instead, she offers a unique experience that … Read more


A London-based quintet that conjures a passionate, introspective, and powerful sound. It draws on their shared love of electronica and jazz. Led by saxophonist/clarinetist Adrien Cau and drummer/producer Benoit Parmentier, their influences range from Flying Lotus, Bonobo, Portico Quartet and Snarky Puppy. This band is definitely worth your attention, with a debut album due soon. … Read more

Kinky Wizzards

The Kinky Wizzards have been one of the most exciting, innovative and entertaining instrumental rock jazz bands that has ever exploded on the music scene. The trio of Mathew ’Miffy’ Griffiths, Jonathan ‘Jiffy’ Griffiths, and Ryan Elliott, a Welsh guitarist, offer an incredible pyrotechnical display of musical wizardry. You can expect everything from flying drum … Read more